Sunday, September 23, 2007

RIX in motion

Hello Guys. I'm back after a few days trying to sort out the studio for serious production work on Harbinger. This little ditty is a proof of concept for RIX, which I posted a week ago. It was fun to do. The feedback thus far has been pretty enthusiastic. Let me know what you think. Now on to trying to make this puppet tool in After FX work out:-)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hello folks. I have decided to start posting images from my other film, much longer in production, titled Harbinger. You can expect to see tons of motion tests, concept designs, and ulitmately finished shots over the months as I work towards completion. This image is one of the first of the main character, Montalbon.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hello once again. As part of doing visual development one has to have a clear idea of the settings just as much as the characters. But in order to do this it is obviously helpful to know the how and the why. A fancy way of saying "what's the story?" So for Rix imagine a future largely covered by ocean. Certainly if one leaves the cliched tendancy in place its easy to fall into the Strange Da...errr Waterworld motif. But if you bring humans and money into the equation, and our desperate need for self preservation, Human civilization will simply...find a way (great line from Jurassic Park:-)

First up: City Ship Coffee shop sketch. My poor woman had to endure me gorging on coffee while I disucssed the mechanics of a network of buildings on a ship. Bless her.

Second: From this image I realise I must seriously work on my painting skills. Starting next week I'll be getting tutorials from my good friend Eric Wilkerson Hey, I couldn't just leave the sketch a sketch. I took it further and blinggablanggablam...Photoshop is beautiful.

Comments, Criticisms?

Monday, September 17, 2007

Hello Everybody. This is my first blog entry. Well actually, this is my first blog ever. Yes I know I'm like seriously late. Anyways, I'm here. This blog will serve as a stream of consciousness with my work. I am what is traditionally known as a Jack of all Trades: Master of None. Maybe a bad thing but that's being honest. I'm a Hybrid Filmmaker. I do everything just within firing range with one set of skills, then I utilize a different set of skills to get a project just right. First up is a concept design that started way back in highschool called RIX. About 2 years ago I tried to adapt it into a comic in a moment of desperation. But now as my interests have long since moved on to Animation I figured hey, lets go on and do it as that. Of course as a visual development artist I had to try different styles. The bottom image was what I chose as it was a nice balance.

My brother, Jim is working with me on this thing. Nice to have a sounding board. Special thanks to Danny Williams and Marc Florestant for putting some fire under my butt to get work done. Oddly enough, I finally started taking my own advice:-)