Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hello once again. As part of doing visual development one has to have a clear idea of the settings just as much as the characters. But in order to do this it is obviously helpful to know the how and the why. A fancy way of saying "what's the story?" So for Rix imagine a future largely covered by ocean. Certainly if one leaves the cliched tendancy in place its easy to fall into the Strange Da...errr Waterworld motif. But if you bring humans and money into the equation, and our desperate need for self preservation, Human civilization will simply...find a way (great line from Jurassic Park:-)

First up: City Ship Coffee shop sketch. My poor woman had to endure me gorging on coffee while I disucssed the mechanics of a network of buildings on a ship. Bless her.

Second: From this image I realise I must seriously work on my painting skills. Starting next week I'll be getting tutorials from my good friend Eric Wilkerson http://www.starleagueart.com/ Hey, I couldn't just leave the sketch a sketch. I took it further and blinggablanggablam...Photoshop is beautiful.

Comments, Criticisms?


Cleveland said...

That's a sweet concept! I would like to see other painted views so we can check out the buildings architecture on top of the ship.

Tim said...

Thanks Cleveland,

I have had a bit of a delay on the Rix front as I'm trying to get a bit more done on Harbinger and 2. Get over there with you guys:-) We'll see how it goes.

Having said that, the scenario behind the setting is that its around 100-200 years in the future. The oceans have risen and the world culture, despite its setbacks, has continued on as a maritime economy. I even debated as to why there would be technology so prominent as opposed to the "Road Warrior Strange Days" motif. But then I thought, mugs will make money and construct the environments to make money. If it means putting Wallstreet on a boat then they will figure out a way to do it. But in the end, this story is still pretty much an action adventure, homage to Steve Mcqueen:-)

What ideas do you have for buildings dude. Always open to opinions.