Thursday, January 03, 2008

Rope Bridge animatic

Hello all.

Yes yes I know its been months since I posted. I have no excuse. I have been working on the films however. This newest clip is part of the animatic for Harbinger. It's a major action sequence that takes place on a suspended rope bridge. The most immediate influence being the Indiana Jones films, which of course were paying homage to the adventure serials of the early and mid 20th. Beyond the purpose of getting the timing and pacing correct it was also important for me to put the Adobe Suite and Painter workflow through its paces. The entire sequence is just over a minute long. I did however leave out some more detailed elements as there is still more to be added at a later date. I'm happy with it so far.



Starah Far I said...

looks good! I know someone who will so inspired by what you're doing... Imma be sure to hip him to ya! Keep working. It's very cool.


audiologo said...

Hey Tim, I'm diggin' the visuals and the rhythm of the edits, as much as I can get a sense of motion and action without knowing the storyline. And I really like your drawing hand, i.e., the use of line, and the balance between detail and open space. I just wanted to know what was happening plot-wise! But that's a good thing, you've got me curious...

Peace, audiologo

Tim said...

Beri, Audio,

Thank you both for your kind comments. Its interesting in that this is the first time I've actually posted a narrative sequence from the film in a public forum. So you guys have the distinction of being the first to comment. Thank you so much.

I will say Audio that I'm pleased that you understood the animatic sequence. I know having a big chase sequence doesn't reveal much in terms of the full story. But its great that you got what is there. My intention is to hopefully give you guys a character or situation you can empathize with.

Beri, I'm happy to hear that you find my work potentially inspiring to others. I've been a teacher on the college and hs level for years so I'm used to helping others do their work. I must admit though Its always a good feeling to get encouragement from others for my own work.

More to come of course...