Monday, January 14, 2008

That First Night

Hey folks,

Right now I'm in a space where I'm trying to really vary the different types of animatics/storyboard work I can do. Last time out of course was very much in the action packed kinetic style. This time out I wanted to showcase more subtle and thoughtful work with an audio clip from The Shawshank Redemption. Shawshank is for me one of the great great films of all time, not to mention one of the primary reasons why I'd never ever want to go prison (HBO's OZ being a close second:-)



ps. I want to continue to push myself. Thusly, I'm opening the floor up to requests. Please feel free to send any challenge you guys would like. Up first is a request from my friend Danny. This will be a humorous piece with characters inspired by the film Ice Age. Standby


Cleveland said...

Hey Tim, I really like this one. I find it very subtle and thoughtfu. Its is better than the one above... A little too frenetic perhaps? But I do think my favorite one is the action sequence from below. Perhaps its the familiarity?

Tim said...

Thanks my friend. Yes I agree about the subtlety.
I'm happy to say that was entirely intentional. The frenetic nature of the Croc vs Roc piece was actually a personal challenge to do work that might fall in line with the Bluesky Scrat"ish" mode of character. Hopefully the full piece will communicate larger story/emotional dynamics. I took a brief break on it but will be back on it after some more Harbinger work is done.