Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Unfiltered: Ralph Bakshi

My main reason for posting is the link above. I purchased the hardback biography of Ralph Bakshi "Unfiltered" just last month. It was an awe inspiring book. This guy was doing it independently when there was very little opportunity to do so. He made it happen again and again. I have attempted to do my own film over the last 8 years with great difficulty. I have blamed it on this issue or that. But in the end I've looked at all of the angles and I am forced to agree with Mr. Bakshi. The only thing that has delayed me are things that have nothing to do with the film. Yes, one could say hey, he's saying the computer is doing the work for him. He's actually not saying that. He's saying the computer DRAMATICALLY reduces the overhead and manpower to produce an animated film. Moreover the venues to sell and make money (ie. a living) exist more now than ever before. Sure, he may be simplistic in his delivery, but hell, he's right. Look what the other way has gotten us. Bad movies and raw asses.

Major life changes have gone down since my last post. I will be going back to school full time in just a few weeks to finish off my degree. This is something that I have put off for far too long. I'll give an breakdown of events in another post.